Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Infamous Twilight Series

Sigh. Triggered. By a freaking parody of the Twilight series, no less. The parody claims there is "mouth rape" and "date rape" and pedophilia in it. I've only read Book 1, which was all right, but now I kind of want to see if the rest of them are really as awful as this "review" claims they are. I am slightly disturbed that these books are capturing the attention of pre-teen girls.

Also-- giant meh to dissociation.

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  1. Jesus but the actions described are creepy.

    I've never read the books (though this was an interesting post sometime last month on pandagon about them: The pornography of non-rejection) and only read a livejournal parody summary of the series somewhat similar in tone to the link you mention... makes me kinda glad I haven't spent time reading them.